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Perth Kerbing Specialists
Decorative Concrete Garden Edging, unlike anyone else!

Unique Kerbing has specialised in offering Superior Quality Decorative Concrete Garden Edging throughout the greater Perth metropolitan area since 2005.

We pride ourselves on offering the best kerbing productes available.

The only Perth kerbing contractor to be offering new and innovative kerbing products.

Mobile Kerbing Showroom
Dedicated Mobile Kerbing Showroom
Unique Kerbing is the only kerbing contractor capable of offering Perth home owners the ability to see how a particular style and colour of kerbing will best compliment their home and yard.  We have the ONLY known dedicated Mobile Kerbing Showroom in Australia (if not the world) - We offer FREE on-site quotations and not only offer the best range of Decorative Kerbing available in Perth, we are also able to assist with advice on design and colour selections too.
We appreciate our customers taking the time to give us feedback
Kerbing Styles
Unique Rock Kerbing

Unique Kerbing is leading the way in kerbing producs with the latest and greatest and most natural looking kerbing available.

Unlike traditional kerbing, Unique Rock kerbing can be styled with multiple colours and textures to make it look fantastic but also truly compliment the yard it is being installed at.
Plain Glazed Kerbing
Our Glazed kerbing can be finished in a single colour which has a sandy texture

Colours to compliment any yard, including but not limited to Red, Terracotta, Black, Grey & Limestone

We have put together an assortment of photos so you can better appreciate this product.
Glazed Kerbing with Brick Effect
Our Brick Effect Glazed kerbing looks like bricks of a chosen colour and feature a mortar joint which is also available in several colours.

Colours are designed to compliment each individuals home

A range of photos is included here so you can get a better idea of how our Brick Glazed kerbing might compliment your home.
Rustic Wood Concrete Kerbing
Rustic Wood kerbing is machine laid concrete so it wont rot or attract termites or white ants but still looks like aged railway sleepers.

Browse through some of our photos to get a better appreciation of how this style of Unique Kerbing can work at your home.
Interested in having a fabulous looking yard?
Don't wait! Get in contact with Unique Kerbing today!

Whether you prefer Phone, Text or E-mail, we will reply promptly and do our best to help you.

During our first contact, we like to find out a little about what you are looking to do and which of our products have taken your initial interest.  

As part of this process we will often ask you to send us some photos of the areas you are wanting the kerbing, as well as a mud map / plan so we can give you an idea of the cost for your project.  

If you are happy with the estimate and discussions thus far, then the next step in the process is for us to meet with you at your home to properly discuss, design and quote on providing you with some of our Unique Kerbing.  When meeting with you we bring our Mobile Kerbing Showroom, which is filled with samples of our full range, so you can properly appreciate how a particular colour and style of Unique Kerbing will compliment your home.

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