Kerbing Process - Decorative Concrete Garden Edging Specialists

Kerbing Process - Decorative Concrete Garden Edging Specialists

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Kerbing Process

The Unique Kerbing Process
  • Phone calls / E-mails and or Text messages to discuss your kerbing project and organise a site visit.
  • Meet with you at your home to properly discuss, quote and show samples of our Decorative Kerbing range.
  • We only ask a small deposit to confirm your booking, which can be electronically transferred.
  • We give you a date to do your job.
  • We will phone you the night before the job is booked to confirm our arrival.
  • We like to meet with you on the morning of the job to confirm you are happy with the layout.
  • We then prepare the site appropriately in readiness for the kerbing - we consider the preperation to be the most important part of the install process because if it is not done properly then the remainder of the job will suffer.
  • The kerbing is installed in the chosen colour / style / effect & every job is sealed on completion.
  • The site is left clean and tidy.

Before We Start!
The grass has begun to take over the gardens and the definition of the lawn is dissapearing.
Proper preparation is very important!
We go to great lengths to ensure the preparation is done properly.  1st we mark out the area with our customers to ensure the kerbing is going to be installed where it is supposed to go.  

Then we will remove the lawn with a turf cutter and adjust the gardens as required.  

We then compact and level the ground to ensure the kerbing will be installed at the correct height and shape.

When installing Unique Kerbing around pavers, concrete or existing synthetic grass, we also cover these areas with plastic before the install begins.
The Finished Product
The kerbing is installed in the selected colour and style before it is sealed with a solvent based concrete sealer.
The site is always left clean and tidy!
Concrete Edging doesn't have to be boring!
Seeing is believing.

What are you waiting for?

Visit our contacts page to start the process and to organise your Unique Kerbing.

We make the process as easy as possible and even carry samples of each style and colour so you can properly appreciate how a particular product will compliment your home - Seeing is truly believing.

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