Frequently Asked Questions - Superior Quality Decorative Concrete Garden Kerbing Perth

Frequently Asked Questions - Superior Quality Decorative Concrete Garden Kerbing Perth

Decorative Concrete Garden Edging
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Questions & Answers.

Q. How long has Unique Kerbing been in business?  
A. Unique Kerbing started operating in 2005 - proud to be a fully Australian owned  & operated too.

Q. How is Unique Kerbing Different to other kerbing contractors?
A. Quite simply we believe our passion for quality sets us apart from others.  We are the only kerbing contractors in Western Australia who are innovating and bringing new and exciting concrete kerbing products to Perth - from the machinery we use, to the way we make and install the kerbing, to the way we finish every job.  We live by our name - We are Unique & proud of it.
We also showcase our products, unlike others, with literally many hundreds of photos of our actual work on our website as well as Facebook & Instagram.
We have the only known Mobile Kerbing Showroom, which enables us to bring samples of our entire rage of kerbing to show our clients how a particular style / colour will compliment their home.

Q. How much does kerbing cost a metre?
A. Prices vary depending the individual job, as every job is different. The Unique Kerbing product chosen, the size of the job, shape/layout, the type and amount of preparation required will all vary from one job to the next and as such we do not believe it is appropriate to quote a flat meterage price, as some other kerbing contractors do.  For example, most jobs require some grass to be removed to make room for the kerbing, others are just sand which has to be levelled and compacted and when kerbing along pavers, synthetic grass or concrete areas, we cover these surfaces with plastic before laying the kerbing and then carefully cut the plastic away after completion.  We only believe in doing a proper and professional job from the preparation, to the installation of the kerbing in the chosen colour / finish, to sealing the kerbing upon completion - we also leave the site clean & tidy, on every job.

Q. I am not sure I can affod kerbing and just want a price to see if it is in my budget - How can I find out how much it will cost?
A. You are more than welcome to send us an email or text message with some information about your job and what you want to do - the more information you provide, the more accurate we can be with an estimated price to do your job.  Information you can send us to assist in working out a price would include:
  1. The suburb you live in (so we can ensure we service that area)
  2. A Photo of each area you would like to install kerbing - (this helps us to see the type and amount of preparation is required)
  3. A line drawing / mud map showing the number of lengths / sections of kerbing that are required (actual shape is not always obvious in photos of the area)
  4. Note the approximate length of each section of kerbing (most people just walk / pace out along the length of each area to get an approximate idea)
  5. Let us know which of our kerbing styles is of most interest, so we can work out the correct pricing.

Q. Do you install Commercial or Plain Concrete Kerbing?
A. No, we do not do any plain concrete or commercial styles of kerbing - all of our Unique Kerbing is of a decorative nature because we set out from the beginning wanting to offer a better product, that is not only functional but looks great too.

Q. Do you provide free onsite quotes?
A. Certainly, our quotes are free of charge and also obligation free - we are out quoting most Saturdays and cover most Perth metropolitan areas.  We have the only known mobile kerbing showroom, which allows us to also bring samples of our kerbing so you can see how a particular style / colour will compliment your home.

Q. I like the look of the Unique Kerbing but I am unsure of what style or colour would suit my home - Do you have samples of your kerbing?
A. We certainly do, as it makes it much easier for our clients to visualise how a particular product / colour will work at their home.   We are also more than happy to offer suggestions and guidance with colour, style & design.  In fact we have the only known, dedicated mobile Kerbing Showroom in the world.

Q. What areas do you cover / work in?
A. We are based in Perth's northern suburbs and work in most of the metropolitan area - From Yanchep in the North, to Mandurah in the South and Mundaring in the East.

Q. Does Unique Kerbing crack?
A. Simple answer is it is unlikely or uncommon to get cracking in Unique Kerbing products.  We go to great lengths to offer some of the strongest kerbing available to ensure we offer a quality product with greatly reduced chance of cracking.  To start with, our very specialised truck mounted concrete mixer evenly mixes each batch, plus our concrete mix recipe is modified with additional ingredients (most kerbing is just sand, cement & water), which also add strength to the products installed.   We also cut expansion or control joints in the kerbing at measured intervals to allow for natural movement in the ground or shrinkage/expansion, which is a natural concrete characteristic.

Q. Do you prepare the site before installing the kerbing?
A.  Yes, most definitely - every job requires some preparation and this preparation will vary from one job to the next and is best discussed on site with you at the time of a quotation, that way there are no surprises.  We have a page on our website (Before & After) that shows the lengths we go to in preparing a site for Unique Kerbing

Q. How much disruption will there be to my garden / lawn area?
A.  The amount of disruption to your garden / lawn are is always kept to a minimum but we typically have to make room for the kerbing, so we will need to remove some lawn or possibly some mulch but the type and kind of preparation is always discussed with our clients at the time of the quotation so you know what to expect.  Most of the photos on our website & Facebook / Instagram were taken upon completion of the job so our future clients can see not just the kerbing but also how neat and tidy we leave the site.

Q. What is the size of the kerbing?
A.  Our kerbing is typically 150mm wide x 70mm-150mm (standard height is 100mm) high depending on the application - actual height may be higher as required.  Our Rock style kerbing is slightly wider and varies in width along the length of the kerbing due to the processes of making the kerbing look as realistic as possible.

Q. I already have Synthetic Grass installed  - can I still have kerbing installed without having to lift and relay the grass?
A. Definitely - we treat the existing synthetic grass the same as pavers.   We cover the grass in plastic before installing the chosen Unique Kerbing & delicately cut away the plastic on completion of the job, leaving you with a clean finish without damage to your synthetic grass.

Q. What about steel edging or aluminium edging?
A.  Some people think that these products disappear in the garden and provide a seamless look and therein lies one of the problems with these products as the grass and gardens soon grows over and this style of edging is also prone to moving - straight lines become bent & flowing lines, not so flowing.  See below for just some of the issues or problems with aluminium / steel edging:
  • Steel edging rusts and has sharp corners (or chunks taken out from lawnmowers / edgers) which can be very dangerous to bare feet (on pets too).
  • Dogs and cats can also easily tear the webbing between their toes when running where steel / aluminium edging is installed as their toes fall each side of the steel / aluminium.
  • The aluminium edging is very soft, does not maintain its shape and is easily damaged, leaving sharp edges to slice open feet too.
  • Both the steel & aluminium edging also get very very hot in the sun and can very easily cause a nasty burn if touched with bare skin.
Other types of edging people have used in their gardens are made from plastic and even wood (coppers log style etc) - these products move very easily, making it impossible to maintain the garden / lawn shape and also allow the grass to easily grow into the garden.  We are often asked to remove the above products and install our Unique Kerbing, after our customers have realised our product was more functional and when choosing the right colour and finish our Unique Kerbing blends right in and looks like it was part of the picture rather than being a stand out feature.

Q.  How do I go about getting a quote for Unique Kerbing.
You can start the process by simply giving us a call, text or email to introduce yourself and let us know what you are wanting to do.   We can then organise to meet for a formal quote and/or if you are just after an indicative price to do your kerbing, then we will typically ask you to give us a little information about your job, so we can provide you with a reasonably accurate estimate, such as:
        • Let us know if there is a particular Unique Kerbing style that you are most interested in.
        • Send us a line drawing or mud map showing the approximate shape and number of lengths of kerbing required - include the approximate length of each section - most people just pace it out.
        • Its also very helpful if you also include a few photos of the areas requiring the kerbing so we can see what type of preparation might be required to properly do your job.
        • What suburb are you located in - best to make sure we are able to work in your area.
        • Basically, the more information you provide, the more accurate we can be with the estimate.
        • If you are happy with the estimate, then the next step would be for us to meet with you in person at your property, where we would show you our range kerbing samples and confirm the prices on the estimate.

(c) 2021 - Unique Kerbing
Unique Kerbing set out from the beginning, in 2005, to offer a better kerbing product and as such have been Glazing all of our kerbing ever since.  Our Glazed Garden Edging has a sandy texture which does not fade or attract dirt & mould like the plain concrete alternative offered by others.
Unique Kerbing set out from the beginning, in 2005, to offer a better kerbing product and as such have been Glazing all of our kerbing ever since.  Our Glazed Garden Edging does not fade or attract dirt & mould like the plain concrete alternative offered by others.
Decorative Concrete Garden Edging
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